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..fits perfect to my portfolio travel agency   Why  ?

To have a reference person is very important to me and the search engines are not as flexible, can not act or react to my individuell necessities. Besides that the serve good coffee ! Thank you ruefa


i recommend nuapua to the best of my beliefe  and my nuapua bottle travels with me around the world. Designed and produced ind Austria. The nuapua GmbH, based in Kremsmünster Austria, was established in 2012. The purpose was the development and establishment of the distribution of the nuapua flavoring  system. Besides tastefull drinking, without any stress and totally sugar free, nuapua stands for quality and design. Because of accurate processing and the use of premium materials you will not just have pleasure using it, but ensures you, a big contribution to our environment. The respectful commerce with nature, our clients and the staff is a self-conception and not a imposed principle   nuapua drinking system




For photography without any compromises… follow me 

If the issues are photography or a photography online courses, portraits etc. there is one person in particular which i like, need and ‘must’ recommend. Photography by Christian Anderl





2006 a small group of talented dänisch developer got together, with a mission:  to connect the world and to establish bridges. The where questioning the foundation of the ‘flight industry’ and established momondo : A free and independent flight search engine in the internet which shows completely transparency in therms of all prices on the market.  momondo






checkfelix is a search engine and not a airline or travel agency. checkfelix helps you to find the best offers for flights, hotels, car rental or package tours and where to find them. Through checkfelix you can find almost al airlines: independently if it is a charter -airline, budget airline or schedule flight. Our main aim is to find the cheapest offer for you






Skyscanner is a search engine with drive and offers flight and hotel bookings as well as car rental. You can search by location or price and with the executive functions you can a establish and follow the prices for certain time periods to compare. Besides that Skyscanner offers a page full of hints about traveling and updated news from the airline industry. Since 2011 Skyscanner offers also a mobile Apps for Android and iOS. skyscanner





The idea to swoodoo was born in 2004 and was continually developed till today. The swoodoo GmbH was established in October 2006. The Website then was launched in March 2007 and quickly developed to one of the leading search engines in Germany. Since may 2010 swoodoo is part of the world wide network of KAYAK, A travel- and insurance company. A technology enterprise who’s task it is to make the online booking systems for travelling as easy as possible. KAYAK is an independently subsidiary of the Priceline Group. swoodoo



Airbnb, established in August 2008 an based in San Francisco California is a trustful community market space, where people around the world are offering individual accommodations, online from your mobile phone or tablet. If you are looking for a apartment for one night, a castle for a week or a villa for a month – Airbnb connects the people for all budgets and that in 34000 cities and 191 countries. With our first class client service and a constant growing numbers of users – Airbnb is the easiest way to earn money with your extra living space and to show what you have to millions.   airbnb







Hostelworld Group is the leading hostel-booking platform with Hostelbookers and In 19 languages the are guiding and connecting young travellers to there hotels around the world. Hostelworld has more than eight million reviews in more than 33000 accommodations and that in 170 countries.   hostelworldgroup





Couch surfing is a very special and modern way of traveling and preparing your tip. If you decide for a couch surfing trip, you agree to be part of a free hospitality network, which is used in the internet. All members are using one website to inform themselves about offered accommodations. couchsurfing





Millions of people.. would love to live out there skills and gain more. What we also know is that millions of people would like to travel independently to meet more people. BINGO !

If we just can connect a part of those people it makes a huge difference. With that we could make e to world a bit smaller, friendlier and bye even more smart. Thats how Go Cambio started and the basic idea was always to help other people to learn something new and to offer free accommodations gocambio

                               Tips & links if you drive yourself 



At Drivy you will find.. a big number of rental cars and vans close to your living area. To rent is very easy and cheap so you can start driving without any pressure. You own your own car ? Then rent it out via Drivy and reduce your running costs. Drivy protects all rented cars trough a extensive insurance and our special client service.






In the year of 1912 Martin Sixt founded the vehicle fleet with three cars, the Sixt Autofahrten und Selbstfahrer, the first car rental in Germany. Sixt by now is a very specialised national and international  provider. A reliable partner for car rental.







8500 locations worldwide… welcome to Hertz – here you find cheap cars and vans to rent. Make a reservation now and get the benefits from our Hertz- prices. Choose from our premium fleet and decide if you won’t to pay in advance or on the spot of pick up.

Hertz rent a car




Europcar established in 1949 in Paris.. is a french car rental service. The base of the  Europcar group is in Val Saint-Quentin by Voisins-le-Bretonneux, France. Europcar is one of the leading car rental services in central Europe









Britz is cool.. and i personally have great experience with it. The offering a wide range of camper vans, RV’s and cars in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.






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