Itchy Feet - Roland Hummer
Itchy Feet – Roland Hummer

Each journey involves unexpected encounters and happenings which makes short moments of happiness into long stories. In my case i am a terrible Tango dancer and prefer to step aside from daily routines. I dive with whale sharks in the ocean and with ‚business sharks‘ {hustler} in the cities. I sip tea in Japan and love to walk barefoot one the moss while asking myself what i really wish for. Just to find out that every resistance is pointless. Through that answer i try now to live my maturity and follow my intuition and my impulse.

While my glances are grazing through the landscapes my sense of hearing is listening to tranquility. I gape about my own amazement, crack about my own smile and all of that without seeing beyond my own horizon. The world is full of wonders and traveling taught me so much. Gratitude trough relativisation, reverence trough realisation, respect trough self-awareness and fascination trough amazement. I will use this blog to express myself in a authentic way and own time to write and share my travel experiences with you.

There is a wise saying to it: With a bit of courage you can be whoever you like to be – with a little bit more courage you can even be yourself.

If we don’t look for adventures, who will !



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