Socotra, the elusive paradise.

In the Arabian Sea – where the Gulf of Aden opens towards the Indian Ocean – lies an island named Socotra, belonging to the territory of Yemen. Hosting a few tens of thousands of people, being so far off land and with very peculiar climate conditions, the island is home to many endemic species, making […]

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Namibias Sparse Diversity

Putting the pedal to the metal while racing through the desert has long been my dream, and then it deflated … all four of the wheels had to be deflated to half their tire pressure, to be precise, otherwise my car would have gotten stuck in the sandy soil. Namibia got its name from the […]

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El Nino, Patagonia

It was pure love of adventure which drove Harry and myself to Chile.  We didn’t know much about the country, but the pictures of snow-covered volcanoes and mountains sufficed to make us look for sponsors. I put together a small press kit, which was unable to draw sponsors for our Chile trip. After countless attempts at […]

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